Easy Steps To Determine Door Handing

1. First start with a fresh mind. Go back to basics.

2. Look at the door; it should be pretty easy to tell what side of the door is the outside, and what side is the inside. Outside of a bedroom door you would be standing in the hallway, if you are in the bedroom you are looking at the inside of the door. If you are standing on your front porch looking at the front door, then your are looking at the outside of the door. Know this before installing door levers and handles.

3. Door handing is always done from the OUTSIDE of the door. Whatever side the hinges are on, when viewed from the outside is the same as the door hand. If the hinges are on the right, it’s a right hand door. If the hinges are on the left, it’s a left hand door. It does not matter if the door pulls towards you or opens away from you. If you don’t know your left from right, ask someone. You only need to determine what side the hinges are on from the OUTSIDE. Forget the “reverse bevel” term.

4. Now you are ready to install your doors handles or door levers.
Note: There is one exception to this rule…single dummies. When handing a single dummy you stand on the side of the door that you are mounting the dummy on, not the exterior side.

Right Handed:
If the hinges are on the right and the door swings in you need a right-handed lever.
Left Handed:
If the hinges are on the left and the door swings in you require a left-handed lever.

Note: You may not need to figure out the handing of your doors, many of Baldwin products are reversible. Baldwin interior knobs and levers are all reversible, even the privacy sets. Schlage levers do need handing information. Baldwin or Schlage knobs do NOT need handing information.

Baldwin Door Knobs – The Mark of Excellence

Founded in 1946 by Chairman Emeritus, the Baldwin brand has made solid forged brass the unanimous standard of excellence. Baldwin Door Knobs has been able to revolutionize the industry with it’s marriage of style and security built into mortise locks that have architectural style and finish. With a multi-variety of looks coupled with a consistent high standard of the world’s finest brass the Baldwin brand engineered a patented breakthrough with it’s invention of the Lifetime Finish, that promises beauty for 100 years.

Baldwin Door Knobs are designed with today’s style which gives you a sense of pride when displaying that style for as long as you choose. Should you ever need a change, it should only come out of need and not out of necessity. Baldwin’s products are built with the highest standard in mind and provides you with quality assurance which promises that your chosen style will remain free from any mechanical or finish problems until you want to try out a new look.

All of Baldwin’s locking mechanisms carry a full lifetime mechanical warranty. The Baldwin 8000 and 8200 series dead bolt locks are all tested and ANSI Grade 1 Standard approved. This means that you are protected by the maximum level of security for lock set deadbolts. The UL listing you find on the Baldwin mortise locks means they have outlasted the most rigorous three-hour fire test by the Underwriters Laboratory.

When shopping for a new Baldwin Door Knob for your home you should understand that you have many options available for you to choose from. These options range from traditional to modern styles, so there is something for everyone when it comes to fulfilling your needs. Believe it or not your front door’s hardware is what best expresses your home’s true architecture as well as your personal style

Choosing Your Baldwin Door Knobs

When decorating your home, you know that every detail truly does matter. From the color of the paint you use to the types of draperies you choose, the many things that go into truly great interior design are important to think over and choose carefully. When it comes to selecting door knobs for your well appointed home, you simply can not do better than Baldwin door knobs.

They’re made of top of the line materials and employ the best in today’s craftsmanship. Their elegant designs come in a great array of choices. You are certain to be able to find the perfect option when you choose Baldwin hardware.

The door knob selection offered by Baldwin comes in a wonderful variety of styles. From classic designs to sleek and modern appearances, you can find just what you are looking for with these door knobs. No matter what the overall theme of your home – or a specific room in your house – is, you will have many wonderful options with Baldwin.

Made of the finest materials available and utilizing a patented, top of the line Lifetime Finish, Baldwin door knobs can add luster and elegance to any room in your home. Because they are so durable and of such excellent craftsmanship, they will continue to look and work excellently year after year.

These door knobs are available in many different materials, also. Many of the available products also feature unique, amazingly detailed designs and patterns while are eye catching and quite beautiful. Baldwin door knobs are like pieces of art, and can only add to and enhance the quality of any room in your house. You will not find better or more specialized designs from any other door knob manufacturer or designer; Baldwin truly offers the best door knobs you could possibly hope to find.

So, when it comes time to design your house and come up with a tasteful decor, make sure you use Baldwin door knobs as the perfect finishing touch. Their fine detail and tasteful design are sure to make wonderful additions to your wonderfully decorated home.

Door Locks 101 – What is a Keyway Anyway?

Keyway” is the term for the shape of the interface between a lock and its key. It is most clearly seen when you imagine the cross section of the “blade” of a key. If you look at a key like you are going to jab yourself in the eye with it, you will notice that the grooves and ridges that run down the sides back toward the handle are not always the same in size, shape, or number from key to key. This is regardless of the shape of the key’s teeth (the bumps and ridges that resemble a mountain range if viewed from the side).

The keyway is what prevents you from even beginning to push the wrong key into the wrong slot. If you have the right keyway but the wrong key, you can easily slide the key into the lock ­but it will not turn. See the difference? Wrong keyway: square peg, round hole. Right keyway, wrong key: right hotel, wrong room. (I know I am showing my age here, but trust me, hotels used real keys in olden times.)

What does this have to do with the price of rice in China? Well, most buildings that contractors build or remodel have either one of two keyways that are proprietary to the lock manufacturer, so you cannot replace just the guts (cylinder) of the lock and leave the rest. You run into this problem all the time when trying to match a new lock in a house to its existing key(s). If a house has a Schlage/Baldwin keyway, you cannot buy a lock with a Kwikset/Yale keyway and expect to have it re-keyed to the original house key. Or vice versa.

Just to be clear, there at least 1000 different keyways in use at this moment in history. And those are just the mass-produced examples.

Of course, there are examples of lock manufacturers making replaceable tumblers. Any competitor’s tumbler that is keyway-compliant can be swapped in, but these are fairly rare. For example, Kwikset once made a tumbler that was Schlage compliant, but quit production after 2 years. This cross-pollination came from the Kwikset “Titan” line of locks and handsets. The Titan is Kwikset’s top of the line. Many locksmiths will tell you that the Titan line is on par with any good quality residential lock/handset system. I have my doubts. I know that the Titan line of keyed locks has an innovative feature that lets the locks be re-keyed with unprecedented ease. Maybe this is why locksmiths have a soft spot for the Titan.

Some third party manufacturers make tumblers that convert from one keyway to another, but they are not very good quality, and not always available.

So, if you can choose, should you use the Schlage/Baldwin keyway or the Kwikset keyway?

Answer: Always try to stick with the Schlage/Baldwin keyway, but if you have to match a Kwikset keyway, go with Yale products over Kwikset. To my knowledge, Yale has the most keyways available within one line of locks. And their hardware is just fine, as a rule.

I have no vested interest in any lock manufacturer, particular keyway or any industry group that does. I just know what my 20+ years working closely with door hardware tells me. This is a terrible place to skimp when it comes time to finish out a building project.

Maxim: When choosing finishes for a building project, as a function of day-to-day use, the more you have to touch a building part, the more time and money should be spent.

Good door hardware feels good. Heavy, precise door handles/hardware tell the occupant that they are not only safe, but that they are home.

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